Timeline – the Clinic and Community









The health clinic building was a shell and not operational when we were first approached to fundraise. We installed a water bore, a roof and provided basic supplies.

With two nurses on staff, we built and furnished nurses quarters.

The Clinic is registered and functional, providing basic medicinal support with two nurses on staff. We installed solar panels for electricity and hot water.

Michelle and Ellen conducted a week-long craft workshop with over 80 local women attending. In an exchange of skills, we were shown the amazing basketry talents of tribal craft, while we taught basic skills like sewing and knitting. The motivation behind the program was to stimulate female entrepreneurship and provide an opportunity for women to interact socially. The Clinic acts as a central hub for all activity in the community, including soccer and netball games (pictured).

In November 2015, Imvelo Safaris also ran a Dental Clinic, visiting several clinics and servicing over 3000 dental procedures. We were lucky enough to attend and assist in an administrative capacity.

In partnership with World Vision, we constructed and furnished a Mother’s Shelter at the Clinic, which houses 9 pre-and-post natal women. Conducting a number of upgrades, we planted a nutrition garden with a drip bucket filtering system, purchased hand-sewing machines for the craft group and purchased sports equipment for netball and soccer.

The need for electricity on a permanent basis at the Clinic was identified by the nursing and local committee. We committed $10,000 towards this project.

Recognising the need for financial support in secondary education and female empowerment, we established two scholarships for female students to attend secondary school.

Michelle also visited Sidinda with Alison, Liz and Viv to spend some time with the Sidinda women and community. They planted 20 fruit trees and painted a dedicated craft room.

In November 2018, we shipped a 40ft container to Sidinda, which was a key fundraising objective for 2018. This shipment is momentous for the region, with the contents of the container carrying a potential retail price of AUD $100,000. Two schools, Sidinda Primary School and Lumbora Secondary School, benefited from donated desks, chairs, textbooks, materials and a laptop. The Clinic received donated materials from the Ballarat Base Hospital including medical consumables, wheelchairs, blood pressure measurement and machines.

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