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About Us

We are an incorporated Australian not-for-profit that fundraises to provide ongoing medicinal support to the Sidinda Health Clinic and educational support to the Sidinda Primary School and Lumbora Secondary School.

Sidinda is a rural community of 2,000. The Clinic and Primary School are the only infrastructure in the poor community dependent on subsistence farming.

Our fundraising draws relationships between the rural Sidinda community and that of regional Australians. To see more about our partnerships, click here.

Recent News

Our fundraising objective in 2019 is to qualify two local adults as teachers for the primary school. On October 5 2019, we are hosting a fundraising evening with the aim of raising $5,000.00 to achieve this goal.

It will be an entertaining night with impressive raffle prizes available!

Tickets are available at TryBooking.

Future & Past Projects

Since 2011, we have fundraised around $20,000 every year to establish the Sidinda Health Clinic, build its facilities and ensure its ongoing success.

Education is crucial to the advancement and prospects of children. We focus on improving the facilities, teaching staff and opportunities for females at both the primary and secondary school.

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We accept donations on an ongoing basis to facilitate the needs of both the medical clinic and schools. Please add however many increments of $10.00 you would like to donate via the payment option below. We will provide you with a receipt upon request!


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